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Bakersfield Children Photographer Portfolio

Please take a moment of your time to browse our extensive collection of portraits from our online children photographer portfolio. We have lots of portraits to share. Most of our children photography sessions are outdoors at various parks around town. We take pride in our style of outdoor photography using natural light. Give us a call today to setup a children photography session for your children – you’ll be glad you did!

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Bakersfield Professional Children Portrait Photographer

We specialize in professional children photography. How long has it been since you have had photos taken of your children? Has it really been that long? At Setrik Photography we have found that on average most people have professional photographs taken of their children within 10 days of being born, 3 months old, 6 months old, 1 year old, then every year after that. Many people have photos taken twice a year of their children up until they are 5 just so they can track the progress and create a memory trail. Remember they are only this age and size once. They grow up before you know it. Choose Setrik to be your professional children photographer. We offer affordable photography packages along with superior quality you just won’t find anywhere else. With our children photography sessions we simply choose a park or other desired location and we go take photos! We specialize in outdoor photography using primarily natural lighting. See our Bakersfield children photography portfolio above.


Additional Information About Bakersfield Children Photographer

For a picture perfect children’s photographer offering high quality work in the Bakersfield area you can turn to Setrik. We specialize in working with children and providing children’s photography services. We make sure that in every session that the children feel free, comfortable, and most of all are having fun. We do this by conducting our children photography sessions at local parks in town. The outdoor atmosphere really brings emotion out of the children that we work with. The photos we take as part of our Bakersfield children photography sessions are fun and spontaneous allowing us to capture those candid moments others simply hope to catch.

In our Bakersfield children photographer sessions we prefer the natural settings over a contrived in-studio setting. In the studio the children feel cramped and anxious to hurry up and go outside. This is where our formula for success really comes alive and shows through in our work. As a dedicated childrens photographer we make sure that every photograph is a perfect one. We have found that children have so much more fun when we let them explore and run around outdoors. They are allowed to be themselves more and act naturally. Call Setrik today to schedule your Bakersfield children photographer session.