We are Setrik Photography. We started out in 2008 with the objective to provide high quality affordable photography service at a price the general population can agree with. Over the years, our research has indicated that our pricing is typically around 40% cheaper than our other professional competitors on the market. Our goal has been to scoop up the customers that either couldn’t or didn’t want to afford the competition. Since 2008, this is something we have done very successfully with our affordable photography service.

Our style has been a mixture of modern and yet a very traditional format of photography. We call it modern because we use all of the latest equipment, technology, and software to bring our clients the absolute best in what is currently capable. Our photography style has always been bright with extremely vibrant colors that pop. With others you may see a lot of simple saturation techniques to bring out the colors in their photographs. With Setrik, we take extra time to employ technique and artistry that improves color density without disturbing the saturation thus giving a color sample that is deep and pops but yet never loses detail. We pride ourselves on our more traditional approach to posing and try less to be trendy with passing fads. According to our studies we have found that traditional photography poses have never quite lost their touch in modern society. In fact, quite the opposite of what you might expect has occurred. The more traditional straight forward approach to photos is typically always favored over the more modern trends that seem to occur. We attempt to give a couple of poses that show modern approach, but tend to stick to our roots in traditional photography. So far, this has been an absolute success. Try out our affordable photography service today, you won’t be disappointed!

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