Frequently Asked Questions About Photography

Please take a moment and read through some of our frequently asked questions. There may be a couple of questions listed that you were curious about but didn’t think to ask. If there is anything here that is unclear or you would simply like some additional explanation, please feel free to give us a call. Please contact us at: Setrik Photography 661-348-0232. We don’t mind answering any and all questions about photography you may have concerning our services. Also, if you would like to call to simply get some ideas, or perhaps tell us your ideas to see what we think, we are more than happy to take your call. Please take the time to go ahead and contact us, we are confident we can provide you with the information you are looking for. We are committed to getting your questions about photography services answered! –Bakersfield Photographer Setrik Photography


Are the prices reasonable?

We try to keep our photography prices extremely reasonable. We do not have a studio, so this is one expense that we do not have to keep up with. That being said, we still pay taxes, have software expenses, camera and equipment expenses, vehicle lease, insurance, etc etc etc. Cost of doing business is not cheap, we are fully licensed and operate as a business in the State of California, County of Kern. We also understand that regardless of what business you are in, you will always find someone who says they’ll do it cheaper. This is where you get the saying … “you get what you pay for”. There is a small chance you will find quality in the making and you get a great price from an awesome photographer who is trying to build their name and reputation, however there is an even bigger chance that you may find someone who can’t get anyone to pay anymore for their service because it simply isn’t worth it. Be careful when you shop around and ALWAYS ASK TO SEE THEIR WORK! If all else fails and you do find someone cheaper and decide to try them out, and then the quality doesn’t cut it, come back to us and we will help you out. There are a ton of “wanna-be” photographers who own a camera and think they have a business. We pride ourselves on our quality. If you have more questions about photography you would like to ask, give us a call 661-348-0232


How does the photography booking fee work?

Our booking fee is $60. Basically, when you call to book an appointment, we charge $60 to add you to the calendar. This secures your time slot on our schedule. When other people call in the future and request a time that may conflict with your scheduled appointment, we tell them the time is already booked and assist them with choosing another time that works with their schedule. Because we consider this time booked and do not ever attempt to double book, once your appointment is set and the booking fee is paid, there are no refunds on the booking fee. In the unlikely event that you need to cancel your appointment, the booking fee is forfeit. This helps us recover lost revenue from other appointments we could have booked at that time. Also, if you need to reschedule your appointment, another booking fee would be due.

The booking fee is good for up to 5 people in the photo session. We charge $10 per each additional person in the photo session beyond the initial 5. A couple of examples: If you have a family of 4, your booking fee would be $60. If you have a family of 7, your booking fee would be $80. For generation photos that include a lot of family such as 15 people, the booking fee would be $160. Basically it is $60 for the first 5 then $10 per person after that where the minimum amount paid for the booking fee will be $60.


Can I have multiple wardrobe changes with my professional photography appointment?

The short answer, when it comes to individual photo sessions such as Senior Photography Sessions … YES. We provide one hour with each photography session. However many times you can change clothes in an hour and still leave time for us to do our job is completely up to you. We have found that Senior Pictures Sessions are the photography sessions where most people like to have a wardrobe change, and when there is only one person in the photos, this is often just fine. To maximize the amount of photos that you will get from your session, please try to limit yourself to no more than 2 wardrobe selections. The more time you spend changing clothes, the less time we have to actually take photos. In the end, its completely up to you and how you would like for your photo session to go. We are there to make sure you get what you want from your photo session.


Can I choose multiple poses for my photo package?

Absolutely! You are not tied to a single pose for all of your photos LOL. A lot of department stores and studios you’ll find in the mall offer deals like that, we feel that the prints are yours. Pick the ones you want. As an example, if your package comes with 6 different prints, then you can choose 6 different poses (1 pose per print). The only time you will get a single pose for multiple prints is with our wallet prints. They come in sets of 4. If you have more questions about photography you would like to ask, give us a call 661-348-0232


Do you recommend specific time of the year for photos?

We recommend March through November for photos. The weather is often very nice during these months in Bakersfield and generally all throughout most of California. The trees and bushes all still have leaves for the most part and then in October – November, the colors are changing to fall with yellows and oranges surrounded by a range of other earth tones. If you choose an appointment within this range, there are really great odds the colors will be great and the photos will pop with vivid results.


I’ve seen your newborn photography, can I book a newborn session?

Sorry, we no longer offer newborn photo sessions. We ultimately found that for the amount of time that it takes for newborn sessions and the amount of photos you get in return compared to the costs we are forced to charge, it didn’t really make sense for us to continue doing them. Plus we let our studio go as 99% of our clients requested outdoor photography anyhow, so it only made sense to stop offering newborn sessions.


Does Setrik have a minimum age for children’s photos?

Actually we do. The age isn’t really a finite number requirement, its more of a fuzzy guideline. We often times recommend that children be at least (1) ONE year of age prior to taking photos with our studio. We like to see that your child is able to “stand” on their own, even if holding onto an object. Even if your child is not (1) ONE year of age, but they are able to stand on their own holding onto something, this is ok. We can still book your appointment. The reason we have this requirement is because we have found that we can start getting the largest variety of photos and poses of your child once they are able to stand up. We do make exceptions on a case by case basis, however please call us to make sure.


If you ship everything FedEx Next Day does this mean I get the photos the next day after I place my order?

Please note that there is not only time required for the processing of the order itself, but there is also time necessary for the printing and packaging of the photos. We utilize a very high quality wedding print vendor located outside of California. Once the photos are ordered, printed, and packaged, at the point the photos will be shipped FedEx overnight. From the time you place your order to the time you receive your photos may be 5 – 10 days. We are able to expedite orders if you require something quicker. Simply let us know, depending on the rush there may be additional fees.

Our Phone Number is: 661-348-0232


After reading through our various frequently asked questions about photography, you still haven’t found what you are looking for, please give us a call and we will be happy to assist you. We are a single photographer, sole proprietor business, which means that when you call us, more than likely you will be speaking with the owner and photographer for the business. This will be a great time to ask any and all questions about our photography service because you’ll be speaking to the right person that’ll more than likely have the answers. If the answers to your questions about photography services are not readily available, don’t worry, we will take the extra time to find out for you. Please do not hesitate to give us a call and see how we can help you and your family plan your next professional photography session. We specialize in creating memories that will last a lifetime! We are here to answer your questions about photography.