Types of Photography in Bakersfield


There are many different types of photography services that we offer ranging from professional family pictures, senior pictures, engagement photos, and even professional wedding pictures services. We offer every kind of professional photographer services you can imagine right here in Bakersfield. In addition we also offer our professional photographer services throughout all of southern California. We do charge a small travel fee for any professional photographer sessions outside of Bakersfield. If you are interested in learning more about the professional photographer services that we offer please browse through the content below. We offer the following types of photography services: Bakersfield family photography, engagement photos, senior portraits, photography of children, wedding photography, and commercial photography services.

If you are interested in any of the various types of photography services that we offer please take a moment and send us an email, or feel free to give us a call at 661.348.0232

Professional Photographer Services Offered by Setrik Photography Bakersfield

    • Photography of Children
    • Family Portraits Photography
    • High School Senior Pictures
    • Professional Engagement Photos
    • Professional Wedding Photographer
    • Commercial Photography
    • Affordable Photographer Services

Professional Family Photographer Service Video Portfolio



Children photographer services is one of our premier professional photography services in Bakersfield. We feature all outdoor photography for our photography of children services. We start providing children photography services once your child is able to stand up either by him or herself or by holding on to something. Usually it is about the 1 year old mark that we start providing children photographer services. I like many people I know have attempted to use children photography services out of the mall or in department stores and have found that with younger children being inside of an enclosed portrait studio is just not an ideal environmnet for taking professional children photography pictures. We offer exclusively outdoor photography services. We find that when we go outdoors to take photos of children that they seem to respond to the environment a lot better than being indoors for professional photography. Their natural sense of curiosity drives them to provide excellent candid photography opportunities. Take a look at some of the professional children photography photos we have displayed below and you will see some examples of the type of outdoor photography services we provide. For more professional children photography pictures check out our professional photography of children portfolio. We offer many types of photography services in Bakersfield.


We literally do hundreds of professional family portrait sessions every single year. We offer a variety of family pictures and professional family photography packages every single weekend. Have you ever tried to get the entire family together and do family portraits inside a portrait studio in the mall or a department store? It’s not that easy to do. We offer our professional family pictures and family photographer services as an outdoor photography service. We will take your professional family pictures anywhere you like here in Bakersfield. We will even offer our professional family photography services in other cities around southern California. When providing family photography services outside of Bakersfield we will charge a small fee for travel expenses. There are lots of places within the Bakersfield city limits to take outdoor family photos.

How long has it been since you have had your last family photo session? Has it been more than 5 years since you’ve gotten everyone together for professional family pictures? If you are long past due in getting your family portraits then check out our Web Specials are on our photographer website to see what kind of special promotions we have going on right now for family photography services. Also take a moment to look through the professional family portraits that we have displayed below. We literally have hundreds of professional family photos scattered throughout our entire website.


Did you know that Setrik Photography in Bakersfield offers high school senior pictures with our senior photography services? We not only offer high school senior pictures and senior photography services but we provide them at an affordable price! Compare the quality of our senior photography services with the quality of our competition providing senior pictures and you will see our quality surpasses the competition and shines beyond the rest. We offer quality professional high school senior photography services at an affordable price. We provide all of our senior portraits photography outdoors with the natural and urban scenery around the city of Bakersfield. We have create senior pictures from and around all kinds of different locations including various parks, schools, railroad tracks, orchards, and even downtown. If you would like to schedule a senior photography photo session with us for your professional high school senior pictures either send us an email through our professional photographer website or feel free to give us a call at 661.348.0232.

We offer a very large selection of high school senior photography sessions and senior pictures examples on our website for your review. We firmly stand behind the idea that our professional photography portfolio speaks for itself when it comes to showing the type of quality photographer services that we offer. Take a look through the high school senior photos we have displayed below and if you’d like to see more senior pictures on our website be sure to check out our online high school senior photography portfolio.


We are Setrik Photography of Bakersfield, CA and we specialize in couples photography which includes engagement photos and engagement photography services. We typically do all of our engagement photography sessions early in the morning so that we can catch the sun at just the right angles to make for awesome lighting in your engagement photography session. We typically spend around 2 – 3 hours for all of our engagement photography sessions. During this time we can go anywhere you like here in Bakersfield for your engagement pictures. We setup the engagement portrait session so that there is enough time to go to multiple locations around Bakersfield in addition to having enough time for multiple wardrobe changes along the way. We provide the professional engagement photography service and you let us know what kinds of environments you’d like to have your engagement pictures taken in. Check out some of our engagement photos below for more ideas about the type of professional engagement photography services we provide.


We are Setrik Photography of Bakersfield California and we offer affordable wedding photography services. We offer professional wedding photographer services and wedding pictures of premium quality at a price you won’t find anywhere else. If you or someone you know are getting married and in need of a professional wedding photographer then please give us a call and setup an appointment to at least meet with us and see what we can offer you in terms of wedding pictures and wedding photographer services. We offer wedding photographer services all throughout Southern California. When providing wedding photography services outside of Bakersfield there will be additional travel related fees that will apply. To find out more about the fees associated with travel to/from a wedding photography photo session please give us a call at 661.348.0232 or send us an email. We offer wedding photography services for the entire wedding including: getting ready photos, wedding ceremony pictures, post ceremony photos, family pictures, bride and groom photos, reception pictures, and more. We even offer engagement photo sessions for you before the wedding. Please contact us today in regard to getting professional wedding photography services scheduled for your wedding.


We are Setrik Photography of Bakersfield California and we offer many different types of professional photography services including commercial photography. Commercial photography services would be any kind of professional photography services provided by us (Setrik) to you for the purposes of using those professional photos / professional images for your business. Why do businesses need professional commercial photographer services? Simple, advertising. I don’t have room to go into all the different kinds of advertising, however as a business owner you know that there are advertising models that focus on getting new clients, enticing leads, retaining existing clients, brand awareness, etc. etc.

Professional commercial photography services we provide will produce images for all of these advertising purposes. Our current commercial photography clients use our commercial photography services for events that they host such as company picnics, awards ceremonies, and client appreciation parties. They also use our professional commercial photographer services for their portfolios, we take professional photos of the work that they do so that they can use those photos in their professional portfolio to show prospective clients. Businesses use our photos to for their business cards, websites, tv commercials, printed advertising & marketing materials such as brochures, informational packets, etc. Our clients have been really creative in how they utilize our commercial photography services. If you are interested in booking a commercial photography photo session with us please give us a call at 661.348.0232.


We are Setrik Photography of Bakersfield, CA and we offer professional affordable photographer services throughout all of southern California. What does it mean to be an affordable photographer? Obviously we can’t guarantee that we should be considered affordable to every budget because we can’t. We anticipate that based on different circumstances in life sometimes things like photography simply aren’t affordable, however from a generalist point of view we are generally more affordable than the competition. This doesn’t mean that our porfessional photography services are going to be the cheapest, this simply means that if you compare a comparable professional photographer in Bakersfield that provides a quality and professional photography service comparable to ours you will probably find our photography service to be more affordable. According to our recent market studies as of the time this article was written (Quarter 1 2013) we were on average about 40%-65% cheaper than the competition. Of course your always going to find someone cheaper and in many cases we’d have to strongly urge you to compare portfolios and see if you are happy with what you’ll be getting for less. Typically the professional photos are one of the only things left from those precious moments in your life. The cake is gone, the venue was rented, the moment is a memory, but the photos are there to remind you of all that was there and to tell the story of those special moments. We offer quality affordable photography services. Call today to book your appointment 661.348.0232.