What to Wear Bakersfield Photography

As a professional portrait photographer, this is probably one of the questions that we get asked the most. What should we wear to our portrait session? There are a few guidelines that will help make for better photos in your portrait session whether you are dressing for engagement photos, family portraits, or children photos. See some of the suggestions we have compiled over the years for portrait sessions. We have seen it a lot, we know what to wear for your photos.


    • There are a lot of things that as a professional photographer we are looking for in a photograph. Some of these things include great floral backgrounds, trees, popping colors, great skin tones, awesome natural lighting, and even the position of the subjects in the photos. One thing that can take away from all of that is busy and small patterns on clothing. Try to avoid wearing shirts that have prominent logos or writing. Small patterns, checkered designs, and small plaids also cause for distracting photos. If you prefer to wear a design, a larger design can often be better. Large stripes are better than very small stripes. This is a tip for our what wear in photos page. -Bakersfield ProfessionalFamily Portraits Photographer

    • Often times matching clothes may seem like a great idea for your family portrait session or children photography portrait session, however we often recommend that you simply try to coordinate rather than match your attire. Find clothing options for each person that coordinate and compliment each other. Try to find color options that range within the same tonal ranges. For example have everyone in the group wear earth tones, or light pastels, even vibrant colors work well if properly coordinated. Ask us about what to wear in your photos. -Bakersfield Professional Family PicturesPhotographer

    • The great thing about planning your next professional photography portrait session is exactly that, you get to plan your photo session. Often times people are curious about whether to wear casual or formal clothing to their photo session. We believe that if you are really torn between what to wear, simply bring both. Formal attire can look absolutely smashing in professional family photos, however casual wear can also make for great photos. Just make sure that when you choose formal or causal that you choose clothing that fits your shape and is not too revealing or too short. As an example a skirt that is too short can limit the number of poses or angles that we can use in your portrait session. We can help you decide what to wear in your photos. -Bakersfield Professional Engagement Photos Photographer

    • Accessories can really make a huge difference in your professional photography portrait session. Often times they are the difference between great and awesome. Hats, gloves, flowers, jewelry, scarves, fancy shoes, overcoats, sporty glasses, and favorite toys are all great items to bring to your next family portrait session. Bring what you love! One the best ways to truly bring out unique personality in your family portraits or even engagement photos is to bring accessories or items that really mean something to you or are close to the heart. You’d be amazed by how we can make things work in your professional photos. If you have any questions about anything to bring to your professional photography appointment please feel free to email or give us a call. Finding out what to wear in your photos. -Bakersfield Professional Senior Pictures Photographer

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One thing to remember above all when it comes to what to wear to your professional photography session is that you need to be comfortable. When you are completely uncomfortable or out of your realm of normalcy, it doesn’t matter how great of a professional photographer you have performing your family portraits session, engagement photos or even senior pictures, your comfort level is going to show in your photographs. Remember that you want to feel good and look good for your professional photography session. Also when choosing clothes and accessories for your next professional family portrait session remember to wear clothing that fits. If you are wearing jeans that only button when you lay down, there is a good chance that will show in your photos.

Just in case – also note that we can perform edits in Photoshop. The pictures you see of models in magazines and people on television are not exactly how you see them. They have flaws just like you and I. There is a great deal of editing and photo touchups that are done to each and every professional photo you see in a magazine. We also provide those same great editing techniques. We provide these professional editing techniques at an additional cost. We typically charge by the hour. Please let us know what you are thinking before taking your photos so that we can help fix some items in the camera to reduce the amount of work required post-process. For example if you know you have bad acne on the rigth side of your face that you would like to have removed, we may be able to pose you differently so that the acne isn’t as prominant in the photo and less work to remove it after the fact is required. For any questions or concerns please simply contact us and we can get your questions answered.

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