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Setrik Photography has been offering high quality professional photographer services since 2008. We pride ourselves on offering professional photography at a price that does not break the bank. There are so many photographers in Bakersfield that offer their services at a price point that is simply unaffordable to a lot of the community. This is great, and there is certainly need for high priced photographers in Bakersfield. Our photographer service offers the highest quality in outdoor professional photography at a price that is sure to be among the lowest in town. Don’t let our prices fool you, be sure to check out our photographer Bakersfield portfolio to view our work and see just how good our quality is.

Affordable Photographer Bakersfield

We started Setrik Photography back in 2008 when my own children were younger. We were a young family and of course like just about all families, we wanted to be able to have professional photos of our family and children. We quickly found at the time that professional photography services were simply unaffordable for us. We were forced to utilize inexpensive photographer Bakersfield services such as studios in the mall. The quality simply wasn’t there with these photographer Bakersfield services. The photographers were often high school students with little to no experience and were limited by how creative they could be in the photography Bakersfield studio. Instead of continuing with these low budget photo mills, I decided to start my very own photography company. I started learning about photography back in 2004 and in 2008, I decided to open Setrik Photography. We were one of the very first photographer services to offer affordable photography. We have been offering affordable photography services ever since then. We typically average between 400 and 500 photo shoots every single year. We have found that our quality is just as good as the highest paid photographers in town and we offer that quality at a price point that is substantially lower than other photographers in Bakersfield.

If you are looking for photographer, please give us a call and find out how we can offer your family affordable photography services. Our phone number is 661.348.0232. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have about our service.