Event Photography Prices


Our event photography is priced out in a way that allows our customers to have the freedom they need when planning events. We provide event photography services for events such as company picnics, company events, promotional events, charity events, and even birthday parties and social gatherings. Whatever your event photography needs are, we can get it covered. Please see pricing information below for more information. As always, if you have any questions about our event photography pricing, please give us a call at 661-348-0232.


  • $250 Booking Fee (Includes 1 Hour of Photography)
  • $125 Per Hour
  • $249.99 Digital Rights


Our event pricing is so affordable that we often get asked about using event pricing for weddings. While this is an option, it is not completely recommended depending on your situation. Here is how our event photography is different from our wedding photography.

  • When we book an event, we allocate a half hour before the event for travel time and a half hour after the event for time to wrap things up. If your times move at all, it would be considered a booking change. With our wedding packages, we allocate the ENTIRE DAY for any and all changes you need. With a wedding booking, if you were originally booked for 2pm to 8pm and needed to change things to 11am t0 5pm, so long as you didn’t exceed your paid number of hours there wouldn’t be any additional fees. We don’t book anything else on a day that we have a wedding booked.
  • If you book an event, there is no guarantee that we can be available if you need longer coverage than originally specified. For most commercial and private events this is absolutely fine, however with weddings, this is often not OK. There are more weddings than not, where a bride and groom request additional hours last minute. When you book a wedding package with us, this is OK. When you book an event, this is NOT OK. We may have something booked right after the event. Again, with weddings, we set aside the entire day.
  • If booking an event on a Saturday, we do not book more than 60 days in advance. This is typically NOT ok for someone planning a wedding. Many weddings are planned much further than 60 days in advance.

If all of these things are ok for you, then you are more than welcome to book a wedding as an event and more than likely save a little money. If you are at all interested in taking advantage of this option, and have taken the time to read through this, then it is probably about time you gave us a call and asked some questions. We are glad to answer any and all questions you may have about our event photography. Call us today at 661-348-0232