Updated Photographer Prices in Bakersfield – NOW LIVE!

We are now offering updated photographer prices in Bakersfield. Check out some of most affordable photography packages on the market today! When I first started out in 2008, my goal was to provide the very best in affordable photography in Bakersfield. I have three children and at that time they were all still living at home. I would constantly pay for professional photography for my children and it got to the point where the photographer prices in Bakersfield were simply unaffordable for me. So I thought, what if I could offer a service that allowed for affordable photography for just about everyone? Photographer prices in Bakersfield were soaring upwards of $300 – $500 per professional portrait session and it was literally breaking the bank.

After realizing that the photographer prices in Bakersfield were simply too much for my budget, I set out to offer affordable photography that would allow people to spend around $100 and have a great photography package. Some of our costs since then have gone up quite a bit and our photographer prices in Bakersfield have gone up a little as well. At the moment of writing this article, we have our most affordable photography package being offered at just $139.99 out the door. If you can find those kind of photographer prices in Bakersfield at the quality we are offering, let us know! We haven’t seen it anywhere.

If you would like to learn more about the packages we offer, please take a moment and check out our Portrait Session Price page.

We Specialize in Affordable Photography – Family Photography

Did you know that our specialty is family photography? Most of the professional portrait sessions that we do are all families throughout the Kern County area. We typically provide more than 300 family photography sessions every single year. Because we specialize in outdoor family photography, it makes it super easy if you have young toddlers that are going to be in the session. Often times toddlers will become bored quickly being stuck in a photography studio indoors. We offer outdoor family photography service that usually keeps toddlers more focused and content being outside.

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