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Outdoor Family Photography At Its Best

At Setrik Photography we offer the very best in outdoor family photography. We specialize in natural light photography that brings out the vibrant colors of nature in all of our photos. One of our favorite spots for an outdoor family photography session is out at Hart Park. The family pictures you see on the left were all taken out at Hart Park in Bakersfield. We often choose Hart Park because there is such a wide open area with multiple locations for amazing outdoor photography. If you would like to learn more about our outdoor family photography services, please give us a call at 661.348.0232. To learn more about some of our special offers, check out our Web Specials page for more information.

Have You Ever Tried Outdoor Photography?

Over the years, we have talked to a lot of people about where they have had photos taken. So many of those people had the tired idea that family photos were always best taken in a studio. They didn’t seem to know why, they just continued a pattern they had always done before in the past. It is so easy to get outdoor family photography services, and have it work out extremely well and way less stressful than a studio environment. Throughout time we have noticed that our clients actually feel more comfortable in an outdoor family photography session as opposed to being cramped in a tiny room in the mall with 30 people behind you trying to rush you along. We work on your time and your family’s time. If you haven’t ever experienced outdoor photography, then you really need to give Setrik Photography a call and schedule your photo session today! 661.348.0232

Getting Ready for an Outdoor Family Photography Session

One of the nice aspects of hiring a professional photographer outside of a normal photography studio in Bakersfield, is that you get to work one on one with the photographer. Often times in a Bakersfield photography studio setting, you are rushed and don’t always get to feel like you have time to relax and actually enjoy the photo shoot. A time when having an outdoor family photography session is really nice is when small children are involved. Just being outdoors can open them up and bring opportunities for amazing candid photos you would never get in a photography studio. Kids seem to naturally find fascination in the outdoor environment and are often easily distracted from the fact that we are there to do photos.

If you want to find out more about booking a photography appointment with Setrik Photography, please give us a call at 661.348.0232. We are always available and ready to take your calls. If you have any questions at all regarding how the process works or what is involved, feel free to call or even text us. We are happy to provide you with all the information you need to help you feel more comfortable with booking your next appointment.

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