The Typical Family Photography Session

There was a time, years ago before I even knew how to use a camera and my children were younger that I myself needed a professional photographer for family photography. My wife and I had professional portraits made of the children every single month during their first year, and then at least once a year after that. At that time in my life, we were a young family with children and hiring a professional photographer always seemed out of reach. Like so many others out there, all we knew was using a photography studio in the mall or something like that. I would have never even considered a professional photographer, even if I thought we could afford one simply because I didn’t know the process of what’s involved with family photography.

Just in case there is anyone else out there that is in the same position as I once was, I wanted to take a moment and explain how a typical family photography session goes when you hire Setrik Photography for your family photography needs. It really is quite a bit easier than you might think. In many cases, I personally believe that it can be easier and far less stressful than attempting to go somewhere in the mall. Here’s the basic idea of how a typical family photography session goes…


Photo Session with Setrik Photography

  • Call to Book a Family Photography Session / Schedule a Date, Time, & Location
  • Show Up & Spend About an Hour Taking Photos
  • Meet with Photographer to Review the Photos From Your Session & Order Prints
  • Receive Photos  via FedEx/UPS

Call to Book a Family Photography Session / Schedule a Date, Time, & Location

You’ve decided that you want to book a family photography session with us and all you need to do to get the process started is give us a call. Our phone number is 661.808.9049. From there, we choose an agreed upon date and time that we are both available. We only do family photography sessions on the weekends. After we pick a date and time that works, then we choose a location and then we collect a booking fee to create an appointment and reserve the time slot. We can take photos anywhere in Bakersfield. Typically, we prefer a mature park somewhere in Bakersfield that has a lot of trees and greenery. For this example, we will use Hart Park as our agreed upon location.


Show Up & Spend About an Hour Taking Photos

When the date of the appointment arrives, simply get your family ready and show up at Hart Park for the family photography portrait session. We typically spend anywhere from 40min to an hour taking photos for a family photography session. I will usually have an idea of the portrait variations I intend to get, plus you’ll be able to request any variations that you would like as well. For example, in a family photography session, I will usually start out with a photo of mom and dad together so the kids (especially younger kids) can see that mom and dad are doing it too! Then I bring in the children, and we take a photo of mom, dad, and the children together. From there, we take a photo of dad with the children, and then dad with each child. Then we take a photo with mom and all the children, and then mom with each child. Then we take a photo with the children together, then a photo with each child individually. The process is usually really quick and we end up with a large variety of photos from the family photography session. I’ll ask and make sure that we aren’t missing any desired combinations, etc. And just like that, your photo session is done and over with. It really is that simple.


Meet with Photographer to Review Family Photography Session & Order Prints

After the family photography portrait session is over, I will go back and cull through the photos, as well as edit the photos to make sure they are of the highest quality. About a week later, I will give you a call and schedule a time to meet with you to place your order. We can either meet in the convenience of your own home, or we can choose a Starbucks somewhere in town. I will show up to the appointment to review your family photography session with all of your photos on an iPad. You will have a chance to go through and view all the photos and then choose the photos for your package.

Receive Photos from Family Photography Session via FedEx/UPS

After we review the family photography session and you have selected the photos you would like included in your portrait package, I will go back and place an order for your photos. The orders usually take about 2-3 days to process and print. We have all of our photographs printed with a professional photo lab that specializes in wedding photography prints. This means that your photos will be printed with the highest level of quality and on paper that has an archival rating of over 100+ years. After your family photography portraits are finished processing, we have everything shipped out utilizing either FedEx or UPS overnight air. From there, you receive your professional portraits at your doorstep, and that wraps everything up!

Check Out Our Professional Photography Portfolio


Family Photography with Setrik is Easy

All in all, family photography with Setrik Photography is a really easy process. There is nothing complicated about it. On top of that, all of our family photography sessions take place outdoors instead of inside a photography studio in the mall. We have found that this keeps younger children more actively engaged and content much longer than they ever would be inside a photography studio in the mall! What are you waiting for? Give us a call today and book your family photography session with Setrik! 661.348.0232

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