It can be a challenging yet extremely rewarding experience being a children’s photographer in Bakersfield. It is always a challenge because every child, boy or girl is different. Every family is different also. Different children have different temperaments, and our biggest challenge is probably camera shyness. Regardless of the challenges we face, we have never run across a challenge that does not end in success. Every single children’s photographer session we have done has ended in absolute success. For the younger children under five, we like to mix a bit of posed children photography with candid shots as much as we can. Often times the trick is simply letting the children run around and simply explore. We have also found that with the younger children, we only have right around 40 minutes total and then they are done.

We try to keep our children’s photographer photo packages as affordable as we possibly can so that you can get yearly photos of your children. Many of our customers come back year after year to get updated photos of their family and children. If you would like to book a children’s photographer appointment with us, please give us a call. 661.348.0232 We are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have about our children’s photographer photo sessions.

Bakersfield Children’s Photographer Slideshow


Over the years we have collected literally thousands of photos from all of our photo sessions. We have posted hundreds of those photos on our website so that you can see our work before choosing us as you preferred children’s photographer. Please take a moment and browse through all of our photos below so that you can see the quality work that we provide. Our portfolio speaks for itself, if you browse through our photos we are confident you will be pleased with the quality. As always, if you have questions or concerns we would love to hear from you.


A lot of people procrastinate getting photos of their family so much that they never end up getting photos taken as often as they would like to. Our children’s photographer sessions are not as stressful as you might think. Always remember, that when it comes to the clothes, the hair, the nap times, perfection is not required. There may never be that perfect time for photos. Most sessions last right around an hour. Once you drive out to the photo location, take the photos and get back home, typically you are looking at right around 2 hours total. Some children do not do well with photo studios at all. This is why it is so perfect that we aren’t in a studio. We offer outdoor children’s photographer sessions only. Most of our photos are taken at a park in Bakersfield. To see more locations check out our photo locations page.