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The Business World is Always Evolving

Increased Brand Awareness is Vital to Small Business Advertising

In today’s day and age, small business advertising can be a genuine struggle. Things have changed a great deal in the last 20 years. Small business advertising is one thing that has changed the most. In the past, when you wanted to boost sales and get your name out there, all you had to do was call the phonebook company and place an ad. Increasing your brand awareness was accomplished by purchasing a more prominent ad than your competitors. Everybody knew what was required to bring in business. Now that the phonebook is extinct and no longer provides benefits, how do you grow your business? Small business advertising has developed with modern website design and SEO services.

Increase Small Business Advertising with Search Engines

Our entire population uses the internet to find companies to do business with. Small business advertising opportunities were fading as the phonebook died. The internet became the enhanced version of what the phonebook was in the past. Instead of providing a big directory full of names and phone numbers, the internet gives an enormous directory of endless knowledge and information. People use search engines such as Google or Bing to find businesses every day, and that is how you can benefit from small business advertising today versus years ago. Whether you are trying to find food or get directions on the map, the internet will provide your answer.

Small Business Advertising Agency

Search Engines Provide Many Small Business Advertising Opportunities

When people need to find a specific service or offering, they almost always turn to a search engine to provide a solution. If you want to grow and increase brand awareness for your business, search engines offer small business advertising opportunities. Instead of cutting a check and paying for an ad in the phonebook, getting your business to rank high on search engines is more involved. The key is to make sure that the search engines know exactly what kind of business you have and what specific services you offer. Making sure the search engines are informed increases the effectiveness of your small business advertising.

Because Knowing is Half the Battle

Know What Your Competition is Doing Online

You will receive a comprehensive analysis of your competition online. We provide you with their search engine ad budget, amount of visitors per month, and keywords they are ranking for. You’ll also get a plan for how to beat your competition.

Now Included!

Complete SEO Keyword Analysis

A Great Looking Website Isn’t Enough for Small Business Advertising

Building a modern website design with all the essential information isn’t enough to guarantee success. Google has done an excellent job of making the procedure for business growth pretty complicated. The nice thing about the complication Google created is that it provides structure and uniform patterns to follow. Even though it is a complex process, it doesn’t mean that it is difficult to achieve your goals online. Thousands of rules and structural requirements dictate how well your website ranks online. Google thoroughly documents these rules and provides them on their developer website.

Be Seen with Expert
SEO Services from Setrik

SEO services help your business get found online. The entire purpose of SEO services is to increase the rank of your website on search engines so that people can find your business more frequently for the services you offer. SEO services directly benefit all of your current small business advertising. Because SEO is directly related to how many people find your business online, you must use SEO properly so that your business can grow. Without SEO services, you rely on luck or word of mouth to get people to your website. Luck may be enough for some people, but we got into business for the same reason you did: to make money.

SEO Services Improve
Your Small Business Advertising

We understand there is a ton of information about SEO services, and it can be unclear to sort through. Our SEO research has spanned many years, figuring out the intricacies behind how everything works so you don’t have to. We make sure we have research and a plan before engaging in SEO services. We can help ensure that your website ranks at its maximum potential with the proper research and planning. Setrik SEO services and small business advertising are all you will need to get your business ranking higher on the search engines.

Spectacular Web Design Services Increase Revenue generating potential

Setrik Web Design services is crafted with care and detail. Your new website will generate leads and also increase brand awareness.

SEO Services Were Confusing in the Past

In the past, if you wanted to increase your search engine rank, your guess was as good as ours. Increasing brand awareness for your business was mainly a mystery. There was no documentation or structures to follow at all. Everything online just kind of existed for a little while. The world being how it is, people often exploit the search engines to benefit their business. Blackhat small business advertising schemes were happening everywhere. Search engines would see the tricks being used and change their algorithm to help keep things fair for companies using legit small business advertising methods.

Boost Small Business Advertising with SEO

Luckily, things are different now regarding ranking higher on the search engines and taking advantage of these small business advertising ideas. As I mentioned earlier, Google has developed an exact pattern for how websites should be designed and built. They don’t come right out and say, “this is how you rank higher; however, it’s pretty apparent that your website increases rank when you follow their rules. The more rules you follow, the better position you get. When search engines took over where the phonebook left off, the service of search engine optimization (SEO for short) was born.

Keyword Research Helps Small Business Advertising WIN

An essential piece of research we perform with our SEO services is “keyword research.” We have heard that term many times before, and perhaps it almost sounds like it’s being over-hyped. Everyone pushes keyword phrases to boost your small business advertising efforts. If you are unsure of the purpose behind keyword research, then it can be very daunting to create a small business advertising plan around it. Keyword research makes a world of difference in how your business performs on the search engines.

SEO Services Require Quality Keyword Research for Success

Keyword research is performed using tools provided by Google. Keyword research aims to learn more about what your customers search for online when looking for your services. We are studying the exact words or phrases that your customers use. Knowing what people are searching for improves the effectiveness of small business advertising. Google provides us with data that shows how many times various keyword phrases are searched for every month. We sort through the provided keyword phrases and build a list of all the most applicable keyword phrases.

#1 Marketing Strategy Offers Unbelievable Success in Digital Marketing and Sales

Marketing strategy infused websites engineered to rank better on search engines than even the toughest of competition. Grow online.

Improve Your Small Business Advertising with SEO Services

Sometimes, as business owners and experts in our craft, we use language that isn’t common to people not in our industry. It’s easy to use a keyword phrase you think is familiar and obvious to your services. However, your customers may use entirely different keyword phrases altogether. Our SEO services focus on the keyword phrases most applicable to your offerings and have the highest search count.

Make the Most of Your Small Business Advertising with Setrik

After we complete our initial keyword research for your website, we assign those keywords to their appropriate pages. Proper keyword assignment also benefits your small business advertising efforts online. Once the keyword phrases have been posted, we then prep the content for the webpage design and layout. Many factors determine how well each keyword phrase will perform with the search engines on your website. Here are a few things that play a factor in how well your website performs on the search engines.

A Couple of Helpful SEO Services Guidelines to Follow:

  • Content should be at least 600 words.
  • Keyword phrases should be used approx. 2% of the total word count
  • H1, H2, and Title tags should all include the keyword phrase at least once
  • Images on the page should include the keyword phrase in the alt text.
  • Meta title needs to contain keyword phrases and be less than 60 characters.
  • The meta description should use the keyword phrase and be less than 160 characters.

Small Business Advertising Needs to be Fast and Effective

At Setrik, we take care of everything listed above and more with our SEO services. There are many more rules and guidelines beyond what we have listed above. We ensure every page on your website loads fast and uses the newest technology, allowing for even greater speeds. Every website on the search engines is also rated for how fast it loads. Almost all of our websites load in less than 750 milliseconds. Many of them are around 500-600 milliseconds. A fast website helps you rank higher with your small business advertising efforts on search engines.

Baseline vs. Future Projections Help Pave The Way For Success

When your website is completed, you will see how it ranks online within the first 14 days. We then take your baseline search engine rank and see how we can add additional content to help build a foundation around related keyword phrases. As we complete each new article on your website, you will continue to increase your rank on the search engines. Your small business advertising will be as effective as it can be online.

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If you would like to rank higher on search engines and see what a marketing website can do, call Setrik today. We will help you get organized and your website online to rank higher on search engines right away.