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In the past, the phone book was the standard for getting your business found. Today the rules are different and Setrik Web Design Company Will lead the way for you.

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Ranking high on the search engines is the only way to get consistent growth online
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The internet is flooded with companies that promise higher ranks on search engines. Most of these companies are offering cookie-cutter turnkey solutions they resell. Setrik Web Design Company is far different. We aren’t selling snake oil. We provide results from thousands of hours of research and experience. Every website we build receives meticulous attention to detail to ensure they perform effectively.

Our story

Setrik Web Design

The history of Setrik Web Design  Company dates back to 1997 when the internet was still developing into the invaluable resource that it is today. That was when I discovered my passion for computer programming.

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Structures and Patterns Feel Like Home

Programming Is My Passion

Programming is a passion for me, and of course, HTML came naturally (I know, not a programming language). Like most software engineers, I am meticulous and take pride in the structure of how I write my code. I had the technical aspects of website design down. I knew exactly what I was doing. The goal was to have a website that was functional and fast. Every website was fast. I could afford to hire a couple of friends to help, so I did. That was the moment Setrik went from me to us. Setrik Web Design Company was now a team.

I worked as a software instructor, so I had the right resources available. Of course, I took advantage and continued to increase my education at every opportunity available. Soon I earned multiple certifications: MCSD, MCDBA, MCSE, and later my MCT. It was then that I began my journey into website design.


Software Engineer
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Business Challenges

It Got Expensive Faster Than I Thought

Things were cruising well, and we thought we were at the top of our game. Even though our websites were engineered with precision, we were missing a piece of the puzzle. The times of finding businesses in the phone book were long gone. Search engines were the future. We learned as much as we could about search engine technology and how they work. We were building the foundation for allowing us to control how websites ranked on search engines.

It was challenging to learn specifics about the search engines in the early stages. Even we had challenges learning it all at Setrik Web Design Company. It was common for people to create spam and exploit the algorithms used by search engines. Because of this, many details about increasing rank were not available. We struggled for several years researching and analyzing how search engine technology works. There were many times the technologies involved have turned in completely different directions. Each time the industry jumped, our learning curve increased. The growth of Setrik Website Design was stalled for several years. We struggled to gain the market exposure that was required to stay afloat.

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Success is Measured by Growth

Setrik Web Design Company loves that our future is based on enhanced education

Controlling website rank on search engines is not an accident with our proprietary model and procedure. As the documentation increases daily, so does our knowledge.

Protocol and Procedure

Building a Website Properly Requires Time and Effort Setrik Web Design Company

Luckily, the search engine industry finally implemented and stuck with a plan for the future. Google pioneered the method and structure of how content is ranked online. The structure and complexity of their methods are always clearly documented and easy to find. Even when you have the documentation available, it can still be challenging. Google also invented the concept of the term “too much information.” Information overload plagued us for quite some time.

Ranking well is not documented “specifically” anywhere. Through thousands of pages of documentation, Google has provided a structure for exactly how websites are to be engineered. Because all websites built by Setrik are built according to Google’s standards, we can relax knowing that our websites will rank well when we develop. We continue to expand our library of over 2,000 items that we implement to assist with increasing search engine ranking.

Because Knowing is Half the Battle

Know What Your Competition is Doing Online

You will receive a comprehensive analysis of your competition online. We provide you with their search engine ad budget, amount of visitors per month, and keywords they are ranking for. You’ll also get a plan for how to beat your competition.

Now Included!

Complete SEO Keyword Analysis

Many people don't realize most web design companies sell pre-made turnkey solutions. These companies may claim to have industry tools or great software, but in the end, they are often limited by the level of control available to them.


Software Engineer
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Setrik Web Design Provides a Documented Process to Repeated Success

At Setrik, we have developed customized libraries of tools and tool sets over the years. We have combined the ease of many high-end tools to help our project management experience flow naturally and smoothly. Everything from implementing schema.org markup structures, proper usage of metadata, implementing adequate compression, and many other critical components of performing good search engine optimization or SEO for short.

When you choose Setrik Web Design
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There is absolutely nothing turnkey about the service that we provide. Your website will effectively represent your brand image while increasing brand awareness in your industry.

Your website will represent you
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The Reason Behind Business Growth Success

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