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There are several reasons to have a modern website development provided for your company. At Setrik, we have a passion for website development that extends beyond classic form. Identifying purpose and implementing strategy is what Setrik is all about. The reason for modern website development is to execute an effective plan. The design stage is where we radiate. Our passion pulls you through the fog and lights a path for your business.

Setrik reaches beyond your expectations to make certain your website is powerful and effective. We engineer our website development to enhance client awareness. We perform research to study how your customers are looking for your services. It is our intent to make sure your customers find your business online. After we understand how your customers are searching for you online, we concentrate on making sure your website gets found. Advertising and selling are our fundamental focuses for website development. Our ambition is to increase how many times your phone rings.

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There is a lot of information online regarding multiple huge corporations that provide inexpensive, or low-cost website development tools. Along these same lines of companies, there are often claims to allow you to perform your own website development with ease. No need to state any specific names, but these companies are everywhere. While on our mission to learn more about who our competition is, we have tried many free memberships to see how easy these website development tools are and whether they are worth the time to invest into. We discovered some web design tools we found somewhat useful and “almost” on a professional level. We learned about why these tools and these companies lack value.

#1 Reasons Cheap Online
Website Development Tools Aren’t Effective

Allstar Website Development

They Aren’t Always As Cheap As They Claim to Be

The tools may have valuable features, but we saw they frequently use nickel and dime tactics to upsell constantly. In the end, you may very well end up paying as much as you would have if you chose Setrik to begin with.

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Customer Service Can Be a Nightmare to Use

We found customer service and support with these online services to be an absolute joke. We aren’t exaggerating when we say they were downright ridiculous. They don’t listen or understand or both.

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Tech Support Was Frustrating Because of Language Barriers

Outsourcing can be a wonderful idea for many services, however when outsourcing reduces your ability to communicate effectively, we believe frustration outweighs savings.

Allstar Website Development

Many Large Companies Don’t Really Care About You

Along our journey of competitive research, we found we were consistently a drop of water in an ocean of customers. Feeling like you are just a number isn’t a great approach to offering value.

Allstar Website Development

Capable Tools Were Complex Compared to Similar Priced Professional Tools

When we found tools that appeared to be feature rich and capable of more than other tools, we also noticed that the level of complexity also increased. The service became remarkably painful to use.

Our Conclusion for Inexpensive
Website Development Tools

After we completed our initial stages of research, we learned that the only tools that provided value were too complex to use. When the tool becomes overly complex, we could not justify reasons to use their cheaper ineffective tool over other industry standard tools that provide a substantial value for the same level of complexity. Because of this conclusion, we felt that if you have the experience to use these complex toolsets to get the job done yourself, then you probably aren’t in the business of looking use a cheap tool. We firmly believe if you are knowledgeable enough to know the difference, then we don’t need to convince you. You will recognize our value without us needing to explain it.

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Our Approach to Website Development is Special
Setrik is Here to Make a Difference in Your Life

At Setrik, we take a fresh approach when our competition consistently chooses not to. We sincerely have a passion for marketing strategy and planning. When you choose Setrik for your website development needs, you will see our passion emanate through in everything we do for you. With Setrik, you are not simply another drop of water in an ocean of clients. We value every single client we get. We appreciate you investing in us and we invest in you. Our value and quality will be obvious from the moment you first speak to us. You will know and understand what sets us apart from all the competition.

Growth Inspired Website Development

Effective Website Development is Research and Learning

If you choose Setrik for your website development needs, we will go the extra mile for you. We believe your website extends who you are. In order to convey your business presence online, we take extra efforts to learn more about you and how you do business. By understanding more about you, we can then provide a more consistent and fluid approach to our representation of your business. In addition, we also can make sure your clients get the same version of your business online as they do in person at your place of business.

A critical part of our website design process is the interview process. It is this process that allows us to ask you key questions that will help us identify your direction and help you achieve success. Our ambition is to make certain that we know enough about your business to help you advertise in ways you might not be aware of. We firmly stand behind our customer-first approach to how we provide our website development services. If you would like to get started and learn more about how we can help you grow online, contact us today!

FREE Website Marketing Analysis ReportGet Your FREE Report Today!

We will provide you with a free website marketing analysis report. A real person will hand-craft this report and send it to you. Click below to learn more.

Security is Paramount to
Effective Website Development

One element of website development that we do not take lightly is security. With Setrik we take security and website development seriously. Our website development strategy targets maximum security and risk prevention. We know that a website is only as strong as its weakest point. It is our intent to make sure all of our websites are highly secure. At Setrik, we engineer our website development to function as if we were handling financial data. All the services that we provide use modern security standards that exceed minimum requirements. Understand that we will consider every aspect of security implementation with your new website.


We engineer websites to only allow encrypted traffic. This means we do not allow any traffic that is not secure. Even if your website doesn’t handle financial transactions, we still implement security as if it did.


We do not allow or support unsecure email communications. This means that we only allow encrypted deliver and sending of email directly from your mail client to our server.


Using sophisticated hardware firewalls, we physically block access to website ports that are common targets for attack. There is no need to have security threats when we do not require them.


Our servers are physically located inside of Google’s own backbone network infrastructure. Google is security legend on the Internet and our servers are powered by Google.

FREE Website Marketing Analysis ReportHand-Crafted Website Marketing Analysis Report

We will provide you with a free website marketing analysis report. A real person will hand-craft this report and send it to you. It is NOT marketing hype or a gimmick. If you have questions click the link below and we will tell you all about it or give us a call: 661-348-0232