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#1 Marketing Strategy Offers Unbelievable Success in Website

A Website without Marketing Strategy is just another website

Your Website Should Be Creating Sales Opportunities

Marketing Strategy is key to increasing search engine rank and growing brand awareness for your business

Marketing Strategy Success Online
Marketing Strategy Workflow

Proven Process

We follow SEO guidelines and go the extra mile for our customers. Never settle for good enough when it comes to your business. At Setrik we pay attention to every detail. Every website we design is strategy based to rank naturally.


We understand the pride you feel in the business you’ve created. That is why we take the time to get to know who you are. Your website should represent your business as you would. We customize your website to follow your brand.

Marketing Strategy Business

Marketing Strategy Leads to Success

Increase Revenue

With Setrik, we provide solutions that help your business increase brand awareness and rank on search engines. Your business will be found online more and more as you gain rank. Marketing strategy allows for increased web traffic and provides you with the opportunity to enhance lead conversion and increase sales potential. Your website will deliver the leads. You get to book new customers. The websites we build are all engineered to operate efficiently and fast.

Marketing Strategy Bell


Full service means that you can take control of your campaigns and point us in the direction you want to go. We will guide the way and lead your business to online success.

Marketing Strategy Infinite

Endless Potential

When you complete Setrik Growth Campaigns, your brand awareness potential goes through the roof. Every Growth Campaign gets you closer to dominating the search engines.

Marketing Strategy Route


We don’t approach your goals blind. We will provide a plan and research that backs it up. Every step of the way, you will know you are one step closer to success.

Increasing Sales is Part of the Strategy

Effective Marketing Strategy Allows You to Invest in Quality - Nobody Wants to Waste Money on Gimmicks

We all got into business to make money and increase our revenue stream. As a business owner, we understand how important it is to grow your business. Many website design companies promise sales and search engine rank. It’s difficult to filter through the gimmicks and tricks. It seems like there are more and more cold calls promising your website will do everything you want. The problem is that many of these companies aren’t considering the meticulous level of detail required to do an excellent job. Setrik goes the extra mile to ensure that every aspect of your website is dialed in and configured for effectiveness.

Marketing Strategy Creates Growth Potential

We Grow
When You Grow

There’s no doubt about it, our goal is to make money. To make money, we have to provide value in your website that speaks for itself. When you experience the power of Setrik Marketing Strategy for yourself, you’ll be amazed by the difference we make.

Be Seen Online

Be Seen Online

You’re business will show up on Google. Our marketing strategy guarantees you will increase rank online. It’s not an empty promise. Let our proven process work for you. Increased brand awareness equals sales.

Real Time Stats

Real Time Stats

We back up our marketing strategy guarantee. Setrik Web Design provides full website performance stats and real time numbers. You will never have to wonder if your website is working for you.

Marketing Strategy Goes Higher
Marketing Customer First

Determine ideal customer

We go further than just helping you get found online - we find out who you are marketing to so that we can help your sales increase the most effectively

Who is Your Ideal Customer?

Half the battle is knowing who your ideal customer is. We extensively research your industry and build your marketing plan with your customers in mind.

We Determine Customers Needs

It’s important to understand why your customer ultimately purchases from your business. Knowing this helps us know where to focus our marketing.

Show How You're The Solution

Your business will get better quality targeted leads when you know who your customer is and what they are looking for. We make sure they know your business is the solution.

Because Knowing is Half the Battle

Know What Your Competition is Doing Online

You will receive a comprehensive analysis of your competition online. We provide you with their search engine ad budget, amount of visitors per month, and keywords they are ranking for. You’ll also get a plan for how to beat your competition.

Now Included!

Complete SEO Keyword Analysis

Marketing Strategy Makes Content Effective


One of the biggest tasks for building a new website for your business is content writing. Content writing is a huge undertaking and requires time and planning. We take the hassle out of having a new website for your business. Setrik will write your website content for you. We use all the data gathered from market research, your competitors, your ideal customer, and more – we mix it all together and plan how your content needs to be laid out. When you don’t have to worry about writing website content, you have more time to focus on the things you do best.

Best Marketing Strategy
Content Marketing Strategy

Content Done Right

After creating a plan for you, we even write your content for you

Targeted Sales Leads


Because we know who we are selling to, we know we will get targeted leads

Marketing Strategy Makes Success Possible

We Engineer A Path

Your Customers Will Follow

It is our goal to make sure your customers always have a “reason” to contact you

Marketing Strategy Purpose

Your website built with purpose

The purpose is to use science, technology, and great customer service to provide something so spectacular, people are literally amazed by it

Full Service

Full Service

Provide expert support and consulting along the way. Setrik is your #1 online marketing concierge service!

Here For You

We are Here
For You

Not a client and still have questions? Setrik provides free consultation for your website marketing needs.