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Enhanced Website functionality

Your Website can improve existing business processes

It is a lot of Work Managing a Marketing Website, Setrik Web Design Service will take care of everything for you

The Benefits from Ads Stop When The Money Stops

Web Design Services Designed for Online Business Growth

Your website will continue to operate and rank on search engines even if you decide to stop your marketing plan. Marketing with Setrik doesn’t work the same as paying for ads. You get more value with a web design service that builds every website with a foundation based on marketing strategy

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Increase Revenue

From A Web Design Service Crafted to Increase Brand Awareness

Represent your brand by including personal character on your website. We don’t offer cookie-cutter designs out of the box, ready to go. Your website will be engineered and designed to be unique and clearly represent your brand. The primary purpose of any website built by Setrik is to increase brand awareness and revenue.

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Be Careful for SCAMMERS

Proper SEO requires a tremendous amount of work and effort. It is incredibly tedious. Most web design companies claim to offer SEO but take the lazy approach. We constantly strive for perfection at Setrik.

For years, nobody focused on SEO because nobody could promise SEO

SEO Procedures Were NOT Documented for Web Design Service

There was a big mystery behind what search engine optimization involved for many years. We all knew we needed SEO for our websites to be found online, but there were no guidelines to follow for effective results. It was impossible to create a refined process that produced consistent results.

The Mystery of Search Engine Optimization has been solved & Structure is the key to Successful Web Design Service

Today that is not the case. There are masses of information available regarding how Google says your website should be built. Nobody is dictating whether you can have a website built any other way. Most of the websites in existence today do not follow Google standards. What sets us apart from everyone else is that we follow Google standards and that is why the websites we build consistently rank well. We also have the numbers to prove it.

Just in Case You Want the Details Included in Our Web Design Service

There are a huge number of specific SEO items that we implement with every website we build. If you want to know more about the SEO your new website will have, be sure to check out our technical SEO page. There are many items on our checklist that help guarantee your website will be crafted with perfection and marketing excellence.

Your website will be
crafted with excellence

every detail is handled with care

There are many factors that play a role in how your website ranks online. Google makes the rules. So long as we follow the rules that Google sets for how websites should be designed, we set the stage for ranking well.

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An amazing way to help reduce file sizes and increase page loads is by using a brand new format called Web P. Google is pushing it and you can save as much as 60%. File Size and transfer speed savings with every photo.

Sizing & Meta

We go the extra mile to fine tune every detail vantage of every opportunity available and making sure that your SEO is done the best. Including making sure that proper meta information exists on your images as well.


Your website will have the power and protection of a full service CDN. Every website we build is protected by enhanced network security and improved by geographic availability. Your website will be faster and you’ll be using the technology Google recommends.

Because Knowing is Half the Battle

Know What Your Competition is Doing Online

You will receive a comprehensive analysis of your competition online. We provide you with their search engine ad budget, amount of visitors per month, and keywords they are ranking for. You’ll also get a plan for how to beat your competition.

Now Included!

Complete SEO Keyword Analysis

Google Backbone Network

Our Websites Live on Google's backbone

We understand you want the fastest and best website for the investment. We go the extra mile by using Google’s Cloud network for all of our web design service offerings. Because our web servers are on the Google Backbone network, you know you will get the fastest speeds possible for your new website. Your new website will have all the benefits of speed, performance, and efficiency.

Everybody hates a slow website

A mobile device is expected to load faster than a regular PC With Setrik Web Design Service, Your Mobile Website Will be Fast! 

Google Checks speed for mobile devices

Your Website Will be Phenomenally Fast

We deliver two versions of your website to your customers. You will receive a desktop version and a mobile version. We understand how important it is to rank high on search engines.

Mobile Responsive Web Design Service for Speed

The mobile version of your website is developed for speed and faster loading. Even when your customers have poor reception, your page will still load quickly. The mobile design is also enhanced with easy to read text and easy to follow navigation.

Mobile Device Web Design Service

Your website will stand out Everything matters

Our Web Design Service crafts every detail with pride for the best performance

With meticulous process and repeatability, we make a difference in how your website performs. Through an avalanche of the finest points and details, we provide you with a website that will perform because it was engineered to. Every piece is configured down to the smallest component.

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Localized Resources offered through web design service

Localized Resources

Part of our process even includes minimizing the transfer of 50 kilobyte files to help make sure that they load and are served directly from our server. We localized resources such as Google Fonts, analytics and things like that.

Minimize Html Css

Minimize HTML/JS/CSS

HTML JavaScript and CSS are already taxed. But we take the time, to compress that text and minimize it removing extra space to save as much transfer speed as we can.

Web design service that works efficiently

Script Execution

To help ensure your website is the fastest. We’ll even control the execution order of scripts that run on each page as they load.

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scary world without SSL

Setrik Web Design service does not allow data transfers that are not secured by SSL

Nobody would ever consider making a purchase online. If the website wasn’t secure, I wouldn’t even want to provide my email address. If the website wasn’t secure. All of our websites are secure at Setrik Web Design Service. We do not offer any type of unsecure traffic at Setrik. All of our websites are secure. We have completely disabled the ability to serve pages unsecure, plus Google likes that. Start with a web design service that you can trust and rely on.

Build Credibility Online Fast

  • Google Requires SSL
  • Rank Higher
  • Establishes Trust
  • PCI Compliance

Get Business
Done Right

  • Online Transactions
  • Donations
  • Shopping Carts

Let Your Website Work For You

your website can increase productivity in Ways Rarely Considered

5 Star Web Design Service

Your website can collect leads, increase brand awareness, improve overhead, and more! Your new website will allow you to accept quote requests online. In addition, you can have data entry processes automated through your new website.

Setrik Web Design Service provides custom forms and configurations that complement your business process. Let your website do more for you.

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